You have the power to change yourself and the world! 🌏

Every time you shop. use a product or throw something away you are making a choice and your actions have an impact!

When you choose to eat whole food you are choosing to help yourself because that means you are eating less chemicals and additives which means your body can process the food more easily and eliminate what it doesn’t need.

When you buy whole food you are also choosing to support farmers and if you buy local then you are supporting the local economy. This means that the farmer can then go and buy something and support the economy as well. If you do this as an ongoing thing then you are supporting your body overall which can lead to overall improved health which may mean you spend less time and money at the doctor in the long run.

By supporting your body you are also supporting your immune system which may also make you more resilient to things like a cold because now your body has the tools to deal with it! If you choose processed foods then the spiral can go the other way…

This is only one example. Try using your power to benefit yourself and the people around you.