As the poem goes, Water, Water, Everywhere …. but are you aware of the difference water quality makes to your life?

Do you drink enough of the “Wet Stuff” to maintain healthy cellular communication’

How much Water is enough and what if you don’t like the taste.

We have some answers and some tips and tricks to help.

zazen Alkaline Water System

A zazen Alkaline Water system is a truly exciting innovation because it replicates the water cycle and transforms your drinking water. Not only that but it also hydrates you before you take a sip!

Not all water is able to hydrate you at a cellular level. This will play an important role in preventing and recovering from various diseases.

Most water filters don’t remove all the toxins, but they do remove the healthy minerals within it.

Other Pillars of Health

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Drink your Water

Drink your Water

Common side effects we see if you’re not drinking enough;-You’re waking up tired, -Prone to headaches and muscle soreness,-Feel jittery or you have trouble remembering or focusing on tasks-Constipated or irregular bowel movements (this is then being absorbed back into...

But I don’t like the taste

But I don’t like the taste

People sometimes tell me they “don’t like the taste of water” 🚰 Maybe this is because there are so many things added to our water they alter the taste? Or they are drinking water from a plastic bottle and the bottle leaches chemicals into the water? If you are one of...