Summer is on the way and salads should be on the menu! Here is an easy to throw together nutritious option.

Ingredients :

⁌ Salad leaves of your choice
— try mixed lettuce, rocket or baby spinach.

⁌ Small tomatoes
⁌ Fetta cheese
⁌ Toasted walnuts


⁌ Wash the salad leaves and put them in a salad bowl.
⁌ Cut the small tomatoes in half and add them on top of the leaves.
⁌ Break the fetta into small pieces, add to the mix.
⁌ Put a handful of toasted walnuts on the top and toss it all together.
⁌ Add salad dressing if you want to.



This makes about a cup of salad dressing which you can use again next time you make a salad.

⁌ Half a cup of olive oil
⁌ Quarter of a cup balsamic vinegar
⁌ Quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar
⁌ Add a teaspoon of mustard (powder or made up) for a different flavour
⁌ A pinch of salt (if you want).

You don’t need to refrigerate it once you have made it. All of the ingredients are stable at room temperature.

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