Libby Salmon

About Me


I have a special interest in reducing the impact of Wi-Fi & phone radiation. I also help people take control of their pain and understand the impact of the food they choose to eat.

If you haven’t met me before my name is Libby Salmon and twelve years ago, in 2009, I was overweight. I didn’t think of myself as ‘fat’ or ‘overweight’ but I was never happy with how I looked in photos and looking at that photo today, with the advantage of hindsight, I was fat.

The problem was that if I compared myself to many of my peers we were about the same. Sure, there were friends who were thinner than I was, there were also many who were the same size or bigger.

Eight years ago I changed my life. I moved and changed my job. I also changed what I ate.

Not by a lot.

I had always cooked and prepared food at home. What I did was start reading labels and changing the food I bought.

During this time I wrote a chapter for a compilation book. The chapter was called Cell Communication and was essentially about a number of things you can do to improve the cell communication in your body to help your health or well being.

The book, if you are interested, is called Elevate Your Health and can be purchased at

In the book I talk about food and how what you eat can contribute to how well your cells communicate. I also mention that I’m not an expert about food, and I am not, but I do have experience in cooking and preparing food, reading labels and correcting my own diet to improve my own overall vitality.

Which ultimately led me to create Vitality Bites.

There is so much in our world which impacts us.

What you eat has an impact, what you surround yourself with has an impact, what you drink has an impact, what you put on your body has an impact.

Everything you do has an impact, good or bad.  The goal is to get more good than bad.

The idea behind Vitality Bites is to draw your attention to the products you use and what you do and how you can change those things to improve long term outcomes for you.

For example, drinking water instead of anything else can impact so much! Your skin, your circulation your digestive function and even pain!

So, if you start to drink more water, or swap some things and make new habits, that benefit grows because you are building on what you have already changed.

And THAT is how Healthy Eating Is Easy! was created.

There is so much that has changed about the food we eat in the last 50 years, so what your parents ate is not the same as what you eat.

I walk you through information about food so you can understand WHY your choices are important and HOW they impact you and your family.

Then it is up to you.  Because, as much as I may want to help you, you are the one who needs to make the decision and change to improve your vitality.