Busting The Number One Myth About Your Phone

The biggest misunderstanding I come up against on a regular basis is that people think that their mobile phone is ‘safe’. 

By this I mean that they think that the radiation, or electromagnetic frequency (EMF), from their phone is not going to cause them any harm in the short term or the long term.

The reason I call this a misunderstanding is that there is a vast quantity of research that indicates that your phone is not ‘safe’ and the World Health Organisation (WHO) lists radiofrequency radiation as a ‘possible carcinogen’ and has done since 2013!  (Non-ionizing Radiation, Part 2: Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields).

Radio frequency radiation is the radiation bandwidth that your phone operates in, so when you hear 3G, 4G, 5G and even 6G all of those are using radiofrequency radiation.

‘Possible carcinogen’ refers to something that may cause cancer if you are exposed to it and when you use and carry mobile phones you are definitely exposed to it.

So, how did we end up with these items being freely available if they are not safe to use in the manner they are intended?

There are a number of factors which are at work here.

The Exposure Guidelines Are Outdated

Firstly, the guidelines which govern the safety exposure for mobile phones was established in the 1980’s.  Nearly 40 years ago!  Back then, the number of mobile phones and the way they were used was very different from the way you use your phone today. So, the guidelines are very out of date.

It may interest you that the exposure guidelines were based on an exposure to the radiation from the phone for 6 minutes. ONCE!  That means that if you use your phone for more than 6 minutes, EVER, you are exposing yourself to the radiation from your phone in excess of the time that exposure was measured for.  In my experience, today, everybody uses their mobile phone for longer than 6 minutes. 

You also likely use your phone for different uses than were ever dreamt of in the 1980’s, such as searching the internet, playing games, navigating, listening to music or watching a video.  So, your use and exposure is very different from someone who had a mobile phone in the 1980’s or even 1990’s.

Guidelines are not Rules

Secondly, they are ‘guidelines’ and not ‘rules’.  This means that there is no requirement for manufacturers to actually adhere to them.  It also means that there are different limits set by different countries and they are policed, or not, depending of the individual governments.  For example, Australia and the US are among the countries with the highest exposure limits, while Russia and Lichtenstein are among the countries with the lowest exposure limits.  The Physicians for Safe Technology have a list of global limits as well as conversion charts for different exposure terminology.

It’s Not Only Cancer

Thirdly, the symptoms many people experience are many and do not all result in cancer.

While cancer could be the result of exposure to your phone over time, there are also a number of other outcomes from exposure to the radiation from your phone.

Among these are:

  • sleep disorders,
  • digestive disorders,
  • an impact on mental health (anxiety and depression have both been linked to radiation exposure),
  • behavioural issues (children diagnosed with ADD, ADHD and autism can have different behaviours when exposed to this radiation).

You can find out a lot more in the BioInitiative Report and search for symptoms you may be experiencing.

The radiation from your phone has been shown to activate your body’s stress response.  In theory, this is a good thing because your stress response is there to protect you.  The problem now is that you are exposed to this radiation all the time, day and night, and this means that your stress response is ‘on’ all the time and your body doesn’t have the ‘downtime’ it requires.

Because you don’t get the opportunity to recover from the exposure the stress builds and the symptom you are most likely to experience will be whatever you experience when you are stressed in any other way.  This means that you may get headaches, your partner may get stomach aches and your friend may get angry for no apparent reason.

It is this diversity in symptoms that makes it difficult for you to recognise that it could be your phone that is the culprit.

How to Test if Your Phone is Affecting You

While it can be difficult to know if your phone is having an impact on your health and there are no definitive, easy tests.  You can try a couple of simple things to see if they make a difference.

  1. Don’t sleep with your phone.

Move your phone from beside your bed at night.  The radiation from your phone can impact your sleep hormones so by moving your phone out of your bedroom you may notice that you have a better night’s sleep. 

This can be difficult to recognise after the change so start by writing down how you feel in the morning, whether you wake up through night and anything else you may experience that could be relevant.

Then, after you have spent a couple of nights without your phone beside your bed, check back over what you wrote down and see what could have changed.

Phone radiation is not the only factor that can affect your sleep so you may not always notice a difference, or it may take a week or so before you notice anything.

  1. Download my EMF Self Assessment Questionnaire.

This is a good way to see if the radiation from your phone and Wi-Fi is impacting your health and may address things you may not think of as relevant. 

Give yourself 15 minutes or so to fill it in because there are a lot of possible symptoms and although I try to make this easy for you, so far, this is the best I have been able to manage.

  1. Visit an ‘EMF aware’ practitioner.

You will probably find that your regular GP is not well-versed in EMF exposure as a potential health problem so you may need to visit a naturopath, or kinesiologist, or other complementary practitioner to get some kind of measure about the impact of your phone.

On the Upside, There Are Solutions

At the end of the day, whether you experience symptoms or not, you are being impacted by EMF radiation from your phone or other sources.

So, you need to look for ways to reduce the effect of this radiation.

Ideally, you would get rid of, or turn off, all of the sources in your home but for most people this is not practical.

Alternatively, you can combat technology with technology. 

There are products which can help to reduce the effects of the radiation on your body and you can learn more about how the Floww Technology, which I sell, works here.

The Floww range has solutions for your mobile phone, for personal use, for screens and for homes and offices.  You can learn more about the Floww product range here.

And if you have questions, feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.