How I Unintentionally Wrote a Healthy Eating course.

A year or so ago, when we were all confined to our homes and people’s lives changed in a myriad of ways, my business changed too.

I took the opportunity, if you could call it that, to work on an Idea that had been fermenting in my brain for about 6 years.

How I Came To Create A Course

The story really started around 9 years ago with my own health when I discovered exactly how bad my diet was.  I didn’t have any horrible diagnosis or anything like that but I knew I wasn’t really healthy and I thought I ate pretty well.

I did but not anywhere near as well as I imagined I did!

I discovered this one Friday evening when I was scoffing down a biggish bag of potato chips and I read the label… I knew chips weren’t particularly good for me but until I read that label I hadn’t realised exactly how bad they were!  That bag of potato chips had the equivalent of 62 grams of sugar which is about two and a half times the amount my liver could process in a day. 

That set me on a path of changing what I ate.  I didn’t need to change a lot, just a few tweaks here and there, and no more flavoured chips, which made a massive difference to the quality of the food I ate.

What Changed for Me

It also made a difference to a lot of other things.

  • I lost weight.
  • My food was cheaper!
  • I slept better.
  • I had more energy and
  • I was more interested in life in general.

Overall, I felt a lot better than I had in a long while and I hadn’t even noticed how bad things were.

The best thing about this was, that it was incredibly easy! 

I wasn’t counting calories or measuring portions which would have done my head in. 

I was eating food I liked – but sure, no chips.

I wasn’t feeling hungry – or hangry, which is when you feel angry because you are hungry.

Mostly, I was swapping the basic ingredients I prepared my food from so that there were more nutrients and less things my body had trouble processing.

Every now and again I would eat something which I hadn’t checked the ingredients on and sometimes I would notice that I felt bloated or it was repeating on me and then I realised that my body was letting me know that it didn’t like that food choice.  So, I learnt as I went along.

Then I Helped Some Friends

I was pretty happy with where I was and how I felt and people were noticing.

One holiday I went and stayed with some friends for a couple of days and they commented on how well I looked, and asked where the rest of me had gone, and asked me what I had been doing.  They were interested in doing the same thing for themselves and asked if I could help them. 

They live about 7 hours away so we agreed that I send them a series of emails over a number of weeks, once I got home, to help them learn what I had done so they could do it for themselves.

They took measurements before they started and I sent out the emails.  They lost weight and felt better and some of them had some other health conditions that also improved as a result. 

The best thing was, that now they knew what to look for they could change so much of what they had been doing so that it was positive! 

And still, all these years later, they are using the same principles I taught them at the beginning.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Realisation

The biggest ‘Ah Ha!’ came when I cooked for my friend David for around 3 months and together we changed his diabetes.

David told me that I should turn this into a business. 

I had no interest in cooking for people and I already had a business and that was the end of that.

The thing was, that idea was tucked away in my mind and I was telling anyone who would listen about what I had discovered, sending out my email series if they wanted them, and trying to help people understand their food.

I was also standing in queues at supermarkets looking at what people had in their trolleys and thinking to myself…

“Don’t they know how bad all that food is for them?”

And then I realised!  No! 

They have no idea. 

I had no idea. 

Why should anyone else be any different?

And then I’d grumble about how ‘someone’ should do something about it. 

And go home.

It Turns Out I am ‘Someone’

In 2020 we all got shut in our homes and I finally realised that, perhaps, the ‘someone’ should be me!

So I did it.

I sat down and I developed a course that breaks down everything you need to know to eat healthy.

Healthy Eating Is Easy! was born

There are 9 clear steps, divided into 3 stages to walk you through what you need to know and how you can change what you eat to be healthier.

Stage 1 – Better Basics, because if you get the basics right you are off to a great start!

      Step 1 – Sugar Shortcuts – How to reduce the amount of sugar you eat, without cutting out everything you like, so you don’t have to test insulin after every meal.

      Step 2 – Fabulous Fats – How to choose good fats, without feeling overwhelmed, so you don’t fill up on toxins and put on weight

      Step 3 – Wonderful Water – How to understand the importance of water on every aspect of your life, make changes easily, and look better.

Stage 2 – Superior Staples. Choose the best ingredients to make sure you get the best food.

      Step 4 – Meat and Protein – How to include meat, or other protein, in your diet, without overdoing it, so you can get the best from what you choose.

      Step 5 – Fruit and Vegetables – How to use and eat more whole foods, without being bored, so you can eat a nutritious meal, fast.

      Step 6 – Bread and Grains – How to replace bread in your diet, without breaking the bank, so you don’t feel bloated and tired after a meal. 

Stage 3 – Terrific Tweaks. Use these tweaks to improve your food even more!

      Step 7 – Beverages – How to choose a healthy drink, without having to give up coffee or tea, so you do not pack on weight.

      Step 8 – Alcohol – How to reduce your alcohol intake, without feeling awkward, so you can still enjoy yourself when you are out. 

      Step 9 – Additives – How to avoid additives and pesticides in your food, without carrying a library, so you can ‘detox’ more easily. 

And then, because there are a couple of things you really need to know, I added two Bonus Modules

Cooking and Storage – How to store and cook your food simply so that doesn’t accumulate toxins in the process.


Recipes – How to prepare nutritious meals fast for all the family and save money and time in the process

Easy to Access

The whole course is online and gives you the knowledge you need to understand why some choices are better than others and how you can make better choices yourself.

Changing how you eat can be overwhelming if you do it all at once so the information is delivered to you weekly and each module builds on the last one. 

Each week for 12 weeks you receive an email letting you know that the next module is ready for you to access so that you can continue your learning.

If you miss a week, you simply go back and go over the information you missed. 

The modules are independent of each other but when you take them all together you have a comprehensive library of information that tells you how to eat better.

The Wrap Up

I didn’t realise how badly I was eating, and it is very likely that you don’t either.  The reason for this is largely food labelling and advertising. 

So knowing what is in your food, how to read labels and how to choose better options means you can shop knowing which foods will help you be healthier and which ones to leave behind on the shelf.

Healthy Eating Is Easy! is not really about losing weight, although if you have it to lose, you probably will, it is about eating good food to fuel your body.

Because when you fuel your body with good quality food you experience a whole range of changes and improve your health. 

When you improve your health you become more resilient to the ups and downs of life.

You don’t get sick as often.

You sleep better.

You have more energy.

Most of all, though, you feel better

Make your own positive change today and join me in Healthy Eating Is Easy!

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