The environment is not just outside, it is everywhere.

It is in your home, in your car, at your workplace, the places you go shopping.

As a society, we have created a myriad of ways to disturb the natural space and ecosystems of our lives.

We need to be aware and take steps to put ourselves in the “right environment” as often as we can.

Alternatively we need to understand the technologies that can help us to compensate for what we have created.

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Say ‘NO’ to the lid

Say ‘NO’ to the lid

When you drink from any plastic container the plastic will leach toxins into your drink.  If you are drinking a hot drink it will leach more.  If you are drinking through a plastic lid then guess what, the lid is leaching toxins into your mouth... When I was growing...

You Need a Sleep Sanctuary

You Need a Sleep Sanctuary

Sleep is one of those things that can affect every aspect of your life if you don’t get the number of hours you need, or if you wake through the night.There are lots of factors which can affect how well you are sleeping and having an environment which is conducive to...