Common side effects we see if you’re not drinking enough;
-You’re waking up tired, -Prone to headaches and muscle soreness,
-Feel jittery or you have trouble remembering or focusing on tasks
-Constipated or irregular bowel movements (this is then being absorbed back into your system, so your body is then trying to get nutrients from your feces)

If you don’t like the taste then flavour it with berries, lemon, cucumber, mint, something natural. We all know we have to stay hydrated but what does that actually look like ?

Are you actually drinking enough for your body to function? On average we underestimate our bodies needs by 20-30% for hydration intake. As a basic rule of thumb for any individual before any kind of exercise and accounting for sweat loss 33ml per kilo is what you should be drinking as a minimum to allow your body to perform its basic functions.

*if you are drinking tea and coffee then you want to aim for another glass of water as these are a diuretic although mostly water the caffeine will play a part in dehydration on a cellular level .